GG1000 Portable Gas Generator - Togopower
GG1000 Portable Gas Generator - Togopower
GG1000 Portable Gas Generator - Togopower
GG1000 Portable Gas Generator - Togopower
GG1000 Portable Gas Generator - Togopower
GG1000 Portable Gas Generator - Togopower

Togopower GG1000 Portable Gas Generator

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WIDE APPLICATION: TogoPower GG1000 Power Generator is a great back up outdoor generator for your home. It's also perfect for job sites, camping, tailgating, and more.

POWERFUL FOR EMERGENCY USE: This gas-powered portable generator produces 1000 watts of starting power and 800 watts of operating power. This unit can support home items such as blenders, coffee pots, blow dryers, fans, electric lamps, etc. The generator features 120V AC output voltage which is perfect for any outdoor setting.

HIGH COMBUSTION EFFICIENCY: This outdoor generator uses 90 Petrol & Oil mixing (50:1) which provides you with a flexible power source on the road. It’s also useful when facing power outages. Our unit can run up to six hours at 50% load when the 1.05-gallon tank is full.

PORTABLE AND EASY TO USE: This unit is lightweight and easy to move around, allowing you to move it without a wheel kit. Our gasoline powered generator is easy to start and you have an option to buy our Carrying Case for convenient transport.

What appliances can it run?

This portable generator helps for many household appliances, such as a blender, coffee pot, blower, hair dryer, fan, electric lamp, mini fridge and so on. Do Not use appliances with rated power over 800W.

What kind of occasion is this suitable for?

This small generator is perfect for home back up power, job sites, backyard BBQ's and tailgaiting parties.

Q3:How long can the generator run when the tank is full?

It can run up to six hours at 50% load when the 1.05 gallon tank is full.

Why Choose The GG 1000

Enjoy Your Hobbies

The GG 1000 is great for activities like camping,tailgating, and backyard BBQ's.

Circuit Breaker ON/OFF

In the event of a short circuit, the circuit breaker will ensure the safety and reliability of generator operation.

High Fuel Efficiency

The generator can run for up to six hours at 50% load when the 1.05-gallon tank is full.      


Lightweight and portable. Only weighing 34.8 lbs, it comes with an easy-to-use handle.


  How to Start the Engine?

  1. After you open the valve, move the Choke to the START position.
  2. Turning the engine switch to "on".
  3. Grip the starter handle loosely and pulls it slowly several times to allow the gasoline to flow into the carburetor. Then pull the starter handle gently until resistance is felt. All the cables to retract fully. Then pull it quickly. Repeating until the engine starts.
  4. Allow the engine to run for a few seconds. Then, if the choke lever is in the START position, move it to its RUN position.


Generator Specifications

Rated Power


Peak Power


Rated AC Voltage


Rated AC Load Current @ 120V


Rated Frequency

60 Hz @ 3600 RPM

Generator Dry Weight (assembled)

34.8 lbs. (15.8 kg)

** Operating Temperature Range: -18 deg. C (0 deg. F) to 40 Deg. C (104 Deg. F). When operated above 25 deg. C (77 deg. F) there may be a decrease in power.** Maximum wattage and current are subject to, and limited by, such factors as fuel Btu content, ambient temperature, altitude, engine condition, etc.. Maximum power decreases about 3.5% for each 1,000 feet above sea level; and will also decrease about 1% for each 6° C (10° F) above 16° C (60° F) ambient temperature.

Engine Specifications



63 cc

Spark Plug Type


Engine Type


Gasoline Capacity

1.05 gal ( 4 L)

Fuel Type

Pre-mixed fuel:Petrol &oil(50:1)

Run Time at 50% Load

6 Hours


In The Box

GG 1000

  • 1* GG 1000 Gas Generator
  • 1* Engine Oil
  • 1* Measuring Cup
  • 1* Spark Plug Sleeve
  • 1* Quality Assurance Card
  • 1* User Manual

User Manual


How to start the generator?

Obtain the proper oil gas mixture (50:1) and mix well. Open the fuel valve, move the Choke to START position and turn on the engine switch. Lastly, pull the cord to start. If you are restarting a warm engine, leave the Choke on RUN.This is a just brief instruction, please always refer to your user manual when operation.

What is the maximum hours that it can work?

It has a run time of 6 hours at 50% load with a 1.05 gal tank.

Is this quiet or loud?

It will depend on the power output,the more load you applied to the generator, the louder it will be. At hald-load it will be around 60db, 3/4 load 80db, max load 97db.

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