5 Small Changes You Can Make to Help Our Planet Thrive

5 Small Changes You Can Make to Help Our Planet Thrive

In honor of Earth Day 2022, we wanted to give you some achievable tips on how you can save the planet without having to turn into Captain Planet. You don’t have to be a brilliant scientist, dedicated vegan, or a crazy animal lover to do good to your own community. These tips below are meant to be achievable for any home, income bracket, and lifestyle. Sometimes simple small changes can make a big difference!


Reuse and Repurpose Old Items

If you have any items in your home that are a little bedraggled or you simply don’t use anymore, you can find a new purpose to apply to them. For example, I once washed a load of towels only to find one of them was starting to tear at the seams. I was tempted to throw it away, but then a lightbulb went off in my head. “I need more washcloths; I go through them like crazy!” So, I grabbed a pair of scissors, cut up my towel and got 12 new wash cloths!

This simple act saved me time out of my schedule, fuel in my car, and money in my wallet from being spent on brand new wash cloths. Plus, it gave me a sense of triumph over a disappointing situation. All it takes is a little creativity and a willingness to think outside of the box.


Avoid Disposable Items

How many of us have bought a bottled water at the store? How about paper plates and plastic forks for a birthday party? While disposable items have a factor of convenience, all those purchases add up to avoidable expenses. Not to mention disposable items often end up in the street or our oceans. These small pieces of trash add up over time and can be destructive, causing ecosystems to be disturbed and even resulting in the unnecessary death of wild life. Talk about a waste!

If you notice you buy a lot of the same disposable item, consider investing in a quality product you use over and over again. If you enjoy a weekly hike, consider buying a reusable bottle and just filling it up at home. If you are known for your epic parties, use the dinnerware you already have and simply toss them in the dishwasher when you’re done. Even investing in a separate recycling bin to have in your home can save your local infrastructure from having to sort through trash.


Invest in a Cloth’s Line

Like most appliances that generate heat to get the job done, clothing dryers can use up a lot of energy (and increase your electricity bill). To help keep costs down in my own house, I bought myself a clothes line and put it on my patio. I used the clothes line to hang up my bath towels and bedding, and it definitely saved me a significant amount on my energy bill. Using the natural breeze of your home town will give your clothing and towels a fresh scent unique to you, and the grid will get a little bit of relief from a hard day’s work.

If you don’t have a patio or a yard to hang a clothes line, I have another solution for you: hangers and doorways. Instead of using a cloth’s line, grab your hangers and hang up your wet clothes in the doorways of your house. After an hour, your clothes will be dry and ready to hang in your closet. No need to fold, how cool is that?


Leave Your Car at Home

You don’t have to fully ditch your car, especially if you have a long commute. But if you are at home and you need to make a quick trip to the store, or you find yourself in need of a fun treat, consider taking a different set of wheels on the road. You can try bicycling, scootering, rollerblading, or even walking! Doing so will save you time and money at the pump, not to mention you will be cutting out on adding yucky fumes to our atmosphere.

Not only will the atmosphere thank you for ditching your car, your heart will too! Exercising on your bike or taking a walk will do wonders for your physical and mental health by encouraging extra blood flow, breaking a small sweat, and releasing some much-needed endorphins. So put on your sneakers or grab your favorite set of wheels and hit the pavement!


Consider a Solar Genset

If you are the type of person who likes to spend time outdoors, but you need to use electronic equipment on a regular basis, I recommend you try out one of our Solar Generators. We have various sizes for various power needs, and the best part is, using solar energy is completely FREE. Our solar gensets are portable, water resistant, and are customizable. If you enjoy hobbies like camping, you can use your genset to power up an air mattress pump, portable CPAP machines, and cooking appliances. You can even use your power station as a lantern for inside your tent.

The beauty about using a solar genset is you don’t have to plug into the grid in order to recharge your power station. All you have to do is plug into the solar panel your genset comes with and let the sun do all the work. Our gensets are quiet and have ZERO emissions, so it won’t disturb you or the environment that you are spending time in.



Being earth conscious doesn’t have to be a major lifestyle change for anyone. practicing small eco-friendly habits will alleviate the heavy load on your local infrastructure, cut down on your cost of living, and make enough room for all your local flora and fauna to live. All it takes is small little habits and decisions through out the day to make a difference.

Whatever method you choose to make adjustments to your lifestyle, we at Togo Power thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking a moment to calibrate your habits for the sake of our planet. Happy Earth Day everyone!

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