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Pre-purchase Notes -Order Cancellation Request

Please kindly contact us through Amazon or support@togopower.com within one day after placing order if you want to cancel order. Otherwise, this order can’t be canceled if it is shipped out.

Where are Togopower products shipping from?

We have multiple distribution centers across USA to ship our products to make sure the on time delivery.

Has my package shipped out?

Order from Amazon: You can track your order and deliveries from Your Orders on Amazon.com or the Amazon Mobile Shopping app.

Order from togopower.com: You will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number once your order has shipped from our warehouse. If you didn't receive this email, check your spam or junk email folders or contact us by email at support@togopower.com. You can also view tracking numbers once your order has shipped by logging into your customer account.

Order from Walmart: You can track your order and deliveries from Your Orders on Walmart.com or the Walmart Mobile Shopping app.

My order has not arrived yet?

We are sorry to hear that you have not received your order yet.

Please ensure you have checked the following:

  1. Check the order tracking status.
  2. Check with neighbouring properties to see if it may have been delivered to the wrong address by accident.

On occasions orders can take much longer than the quoted delivery time frame to arrive. International deliveries, in extreme case, can take up to six weeks longer than quoted depending on the local postal service.

If you have checked the above and still have not received your order please submit a support request and our team will chase it up for you.

How to process a return and refund?

Please feel free to contact us : support@togopower.com. Our customer service representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Portable Power Station

Can l use the Togopower portable power station to charge my CPAP machine?

Most CPAP machines are between 30-60 Watts. Watts is a unit of power and a function of current (amps) and volts (Watts= amps x volts). Togopower Advance 350 /650, Baldr Pioneer 330/500 and MP330 are enough to power a CPAP machine. the working hours = Capacities *0.85/ operating wattage of your CPAP. For example, assuming power consumption of your device is 53W, the Advance 650's working time is 634Wh*0.85/53W=10.2 Hrs (rough calculated).

How long does it take to fully charge our Togopower portable power stations?

We can estimate the charging time with Charging time (in hr) = Battery Capacity (Wh)/ Input(W). Due to constant-voltage charging, it allows full current of the charger to flow into the battery until it reaches a pre-set voltage. The charging time will take a bit longer in reality as the voltage reached the pre-set parameter, the amperage will become lower. Using Advance 650 as an example, 634/100=6.34 so it should take around 6 and a half hour to fully charge. Please refer to our owners’ manual for more detailed specifications.

What output ports do Togopower portable power station have?

We have DC, AC, USB and also a wireless charging pad and you can use all of the ports at the same time. Our TogoPower units also support pass-through charging on all of the ports. Please also note that when you are doing pass-through charging for a long period of time, the battery might reach a high temperature and our battery management system will step in and stop receiving charge until the internal temperature has cooled down to protect the batteries.

How long will one full charge last?

The working time will base on the battery capacity and your total output. Working time (in hr)=Battery Capacity*0.85/Total output (W). Using Advance 650 as an example, when powering a fan that is 45W. 634*0.85/45=11.98, an estimated 12 working hours when powering the 45W fan. Please refer to our owners’ manual for more detailed specifications.

How many ways of charging are there in our Togopower portable power stations?

Our units support 3 ways of charging. ① 120VAC outlet ②Solar panel ③Cigarette lighter plug in your vehicle. Three charging methods for optimal convenience.

What's the DC input dimension?

Hello, the overall specification is 8mm. The specific specification is the model 7909 of DC port.

What is the battery cycle?

The life expectancy of lithium-ion batteries is calculated by battery cycle. The number of cycles for a battery indicates how many times it can undergo the process of completely discharging and charging. For our units, they have a 600 cycles to 80% of its original battery capacity.

I have a specific question about a product. where do I find the information?

We have the specification tabs on every product page, you can find most information of each product. Or you can try download the manual to check . If you still haven't found the answer, pls drop us an email at support@togopower.com, or call us directly at 1-855-801-0798.

Can I take the portable power station on a flight?

Unfortunately, you can't. Under FAA regulations you are not allowed to take any battery exceeding 100Wh on a plane.

Why some people call the Togopower portable power station a solar generator?

All Togopower portable power station can be recharged by a AC outlet and optional solar panel. So Togopower portable power station can store the energy collected from the sun, that's why we also call it a solar generator.

What is the difference between Modified Sine Wave inverter and Pure Sine Wave inverter?

Modified Sine Wave inverters are very affordable. Using a more basic form of technology than pure sine wave inverters, they produce power which is perfectly adequate for powering simple electronics, like your laptop. Modified inverters are best suited for resistive loads which don't have a start up surge.

Pure sine wave inverters use more sophisticated technology to protect even the most sensitive electronics. Pure sine wave inverters produce power which equals – or is better than – the power in your home. Appliances which may not function properly, or which may be permanently damaged, without pure, smooth power will be safe with pure sine inverters.

Portable Solar Panel

Why is my solar panel producing a low output?

① Check if the connection of the cables are fitted properly

② Check if the panel is placed in a correct orientation to capture sunlight. Adjust if necessary for a better angle towards the sun, the solar panel will harness most power when the sunlight hits the panel perpendicularly.

③ Check if the solar panel is dirty or dusty as they will reduce the efficiency of the panel.Use a damp cloth to wipe clean the panel if there are dirt or dust on it

④ Place the panel in an open area and avoid any tree branches or shades

Solar panels work best under full sun. Leaving under any kind of shade will lower its output. If you use a solar panel on a cloudy day, the solar panel will only produce 10-30% of its normal output on a sunny day. If you use a solar panel on a rainy day, the solar panel will only produce 5-20% of its normal output on a sunny day.

Why is my solar panel not working with my power station/solar generator?

Check for the DC input voltage range of your power station to see if it accepts 18V or not. If your unit requires an input voltage greater than 18V, you will need to connect two solar panels in series.

If your power station do accept 18V but it is not charging your unit and you have verified that the panel is fully unfolded and under direct sunlight. A simple way to troubleshoot will be using the wall adapter or car cable that came with your power station to check if it is taking a charge from them or not. If your power station is not charging even with a wall adapter or car cable, then your power station is defective.

Why is the panel not charging my appliances?

①Check for the positioning of the panel, place it under direct sunlight and avoid shades

②When the panel is fully unfolded, a red LED light on the connector (inside the zipped pouch) will light up indicating the panel is ready to go

③Trying plugging in your phone or tablet and charge via the USB ports

④Check to see if your power station accepts a 18V DC input

⑤Check to see if any cables are damaged

If it is still not functioning, please contact our customer service at support@togopower.com, +18558010798

What are the difference between monocrystalline and polycrystalline?

①Different conversion rate, monocrystalline panels have higher efficiencies compared to polycrystalline

②Due to its higher efficiency, monocrystalline is a more premium material compared to polycrystalline and hence its higher price

③Monocrystalline also has a longer life expectancy compared to polycrystalline

Will a solar panel still work on a cloudy day?

The solar panel will only produce 10-30% of its normal output on a sunny day.

How will the placement of a solar panel affects its output?

The solar panel will harness most power when the sunlight hits the panel perpendicularly.

Portable Gas Generator

Can I use my Portable Generator indoors?

Using a generator indoors CAN KILL YOU IN MINUTES. Exhaust contains carbon monoxide, a deadly poison gas you cannot see or smell. NEVER run a generator indoors or in partly enclosed areas such as garages.

ONLY use outdoors and far from windows, doors, vents, crawl spaces and in an area where adequate ventilation is available and will not accumulate deadly exhaust gas. Using a fan or opening doors and windows will not provide sufficient ventilation. It is recommended that you install battery operated Carbon Monoxide alarms/detectors indoors according to manufacturer’s instructions / recommendations.

Where should I operate my Portable Generator?

Operate the generator only on level surfaces and where it will not be exposed to excessive moisture, dirt, dust or corrosive vapors. Always keep the generator away from children.

Can a Portable Generator burn me or explode?

YES! Gasoline is extremely flammable and explosive. If tank is over-filled, fuel can overflow onto a hot engine and cause fire or explosion. Do not overfill the fuel tank. Always allow room for fuel expansion. Never add fuel while unit is running or hot. Allow generator and engine to cool entirely before adding fuel. Do not smoke near fuel or generator. Many generator parts are hot enough to burn you during operation and while the generator is cooling after turning off. Avoid coming into contact with a hot generator.

Why is it important to not overload my Portable Generator?

Overloading your generator can seriously damage your valuable appliances and electronics. Do not overload the generator. Do not operate more appliances and equipment than the output rating of the generator. Prioritize your needs. A portable electric generator should be used only when necessary, and only to power essential equipment.

Does my Portable Generator need to be grounded?

The generator must be properly grounded. If the generator is not grounded, you run the risk of electrocution. We strongly recommend that you check and adhere to all applicable federal, state and local regulations relating to grounding.

Can I plug my Portable Generator into my household wiring?

Connecting a portable electric generator directly to your household wiring can be deadly to you and others. A generator that is directly connected to your home's wiring can 'back feed' onto the power lines connected to your home and injure neighbors or utility workers.

When should I disconnect the spark plug from my Portable Generator?

Always disconnect the spark plug wire and place the wire where it cannot contact the spark plug to prevent accidental starting when setting up, transporting, adjusting or making repairs to the generator.

What are the proper cords I should use for my Portable Generator?

Plug individual appliances into the generator using heavy-duty, outdoor-rated cords with a wire gauge adequate for the appliance load. Overloaded cords can cause fires or equipment damage. Do not use extension cords with exposed wires or worn shielding.

How much space should I allow while operating my Portable Generator?

Allow at least five feet of clearance on all sides of the generator when operating.

Can I operate my Portable Generator when it is raining or snowing?

No, do not operate the generator in wet conditions such as rain or snow. You can be electrocuted and/or damage the unit.

How can I be notified if you ever offer any discounts or sale?

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Can I get a copy of my invoice?

Yes, you can leave your message to us on your order platform, or drop us an email at support@togopower.com, or call us directly at 1-855-801-0798.

Payment could not be processed at checkout?

If your payment details are not accepted at the checkout please contact your bank first to ensure there are no holds on your credit or debit card.

If you are attempting to use PayPal, AfterPay, Sezzle or another form of payment, please contact them directly.

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To ensure you have access to the full range of Togopower or Baldr products, as well as the best after-sales support, we recommend you purchase directly from www.togopower.com.

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