A Buyer’s Guide for Portable Power Stations

A Buyer’s Guide for Portable Power Stations

If you are looking for the most efficient and on-the-move power supply solution, portable power stations are the perfect answer to your needs. These power stations can last for several days, depending on your usage.

Think of a portable power station that can hold a charge from an AC outlet, or you can connect them to a solar panel. The best part is that you can use them to power your electronic devices, appliances, and equipment.

From charging your phones to powering your laptops and microwaves, a decent portable power station can take care of all your needs.

However, there are certain things you need to consider when buying an adequate portable power station.

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6 Factors to Consider When Buying Portable Power Stations

1.     Power Storage Capacity

The first thing to consider when buying a portable power station is its power storage capacity. This value will help determine how much energy your power station can store. Furthermore, it will also determine how long it will take the power station to charge to its maximum capacity.

For instance, Baldr 500 portable solar-powered station takes between 6 and 9 hours to reach its maximum charge. You can also check if a solar generator comes with alternate charging features such as wireless charging.

2.     The Sine Wave Output

Make sure that a power station offers a pure sine wave rating. This offers high conversion efficiency with small dissipation. Due to consistency with utility frequency, it can drive more loads with precision to appliances and equipment. Furthermore, it will protect them from any damage due to low-quality charges and ensure your laptop, mobile phone, and other devices receive clean power.

3.     The Portability Factor

Portability is another important factor. You have to ensure that the weight of the power station is optimum; the lighter, the better.

You will be using this power station on the go, in the field while camping, or on the road in your RV. Therefore, it must be sturdy enough to resist any bumps on the road and protect your station from any damage. The water-resistance feature will protect you and your devices from short-circuits and power surges.

The power station you wish to buy must be waterproof as well as weather resistant.

4.     The Charging Modes Available

All decent quality portable power stations must come with a variety of options to charge different devices simultaneously. What is the point of buying a power station that can only charge one or two things at a time? You need a portable power grid to hook in as many of your devices as possible, so the more, the better.

Solar generators such as Togopower Advance 330 continue to work the same even in complete darkness. It has a double charge rate than any 5W portable charger you will find in the market. The LCD display on this power station also gives you a real-time reading of how much power you have.

Knowing the output and input watts displayed on your power station gives you peace of mind. You will be able to see that all your devices are safe from any power-associated damages and burnouts. Having a fast charging option is another great feature because most cutting-edge devices now come with this feature.

This way, you can charge a device quickly. If you use a solar panel to charge the power station, it can replenish power by making the most of the remaining hours of sunlight.

5.     The Appliances You Can Charge

Is your device compatible with DC charging? You must check with the manufacturer about devices suitable for charging on their power station. This may help you make the right decision and buy a specific power station.

Make sure that the portable power stations have an adequate charging port for the type of devices you wish to charge. This way, you do not need to carry your phone charger all the time. You can find smart Togopower stations with wireless charging technology for smartphones.

The number of charging ports matters as most of us carry multiple devices and gadgets these days, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, and DSLR cameras. The more ports a solar generator has, the better it is for you.

6.     Added Unique Features (Optional)

While the above-mentioned are some of the must-have features in portable solar power stations, you can look for other unique features, including

  • Support for multiple charging sources. Solar generators such as Baldr power stations offer an additional option for AC charging. You can even charge these by plugging them into your 12V car charger.
  • Some portable power stations such as Togopower Advance Series come with a built-in LED light to work as a torch in dark settings. There is an SOS light mode available to use in emergencies.
  • Try to pick one with features such as BMS protection, quick charging, integrated fuses, and, last but not least, surge protection. A dust cover design will definitely go a long way as it will help protect your portable power station from dust, dirt, as well as a splash of water.


Buying portable power stations is going to be a little bit costly, but it is going to be a one-time investment that will last you for many years to come. This power backup will not only help you light the indoors due to power outages but take your power supply wherever you go. All you need is to know your power needs and buy a power station that offers the capacity you require within your budget.

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Advance 650 Power Station - Togopower

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