A Guide for Portable Solar Panels

A Guide for Portable Solar Panels

A remote and dynamic lifestyle has led to the popularity of portable devices. From camping to powering your caravans, a portable solar panel is something that can help take your power source anywhere you go.

Familiarize yourself with these portable solar panels and what to look for when buying one. This post will give you valuable insight into things you must consider as a buyer.

Portable Solar Panels

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Why a Portable Solar Panels

As a modern-era consumer, you must be carrying several electronic devices that may require a power source for charging, such as a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Portable solar panels can help carry your power source anywhere you go. These Solar panels can store sufficient solar energy to provide power for hours.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, love to go camping, or take your caravan on a road trip, a solar panel can give you peace of mind. You will never run out of power to charge your devices and other equipment on the road.

Things to Consider When Buying a Portal Solar Panel

While it is tempting to buy the first solar panel you see, you must consider some common features before investing in one.

·       The Duration of Use

The first question you must ask yourself is, “how long will I be using the solar panel?” For instance, if you are going away for camping, how many days will you be spending in the outdoors? Once you know the answer, it is time to calculate your daily power usage and ask the solar power panel company for an adequate panel.

·       Do You Need an Additional Battery?

If you need a portable solar panel for an RV, you may want to consider buying an additional power station. This will increase the amount of power you have on hand as the solar panels can direct the excessive power to these extra batteries for storage to last for days.

·       Will You Be Using It Frequently?

Will you use a portable solar panel frequently or need it for only a single trip. This will not only help you decide whether to buy one but also the durability and quality of the solar panel. That said, always look for a durable one offering the most storage capacity.

·       Durability and Quality

This is very important because you will be carrying a portable panel on the road. Therefore, it must be sturdy and resistant to shocks and damages. You can look for a monocrystalline panel as they are waterproof Heavy-duty latches will offer reliability as they stay locked in place. You can even get solar panels that stay closed with either strong magnets or plastic clips. A solar panel on the rooftop of a caravan or open ground will embrace different weather conditions, especially rain. Therefore, you must select a waterproof panel that comes with dustproof covers to protect it when not in use.

·       The Portability Factor

Will you be using a solar panel as a backup or main source of power? This will help determine the power capacity you need.

For instance, Togopower Advance 100W solar panel will offer you an adequate capacity of storage. Furthermore, it is also 23% more efficient than a common portable solar panel out there. If you need minimal power, you can opt for a 60W variant.

The portability factor also includes the power ports, such as a dual USB port for smartphones, tablets, cameras, GPS, etc. A smart portable solar panel contains an IC chip to identify the device and charge it accordingly without overloading or overcharging.

A quick tip: a portable solar panel with 18V DC will be an adequate product. It will keep your devices fully charged, hence liberating you from a wall outlet.

Dual USB Ports USB-C (PD 45W max) and QC3.0 are ideal for smartphones and tablets, GPS, cameras, etc. The USB port with an in-built smart IC chip helps identify your devices optimizes their charging while preventing any overcharging and overloading. A quick recommendation here is that an 18V DC output keeps your DC devices full of power.

·       How Long Do You Need to Charge a Solar Panel?

A decent portable solar panel should be able to offer an energy conversion rate of 21% to 23%. Typically, daily peak sunlight duration ranges from 1.5 to 7.5 hours, depending on the weather and location. In this case, a monocrystalline portable solar panel will work best.

·       Your Budget

The size and capacity of a solar panel decide the price. However, you will have to consider how much you are willing to spend. For instance, a decent portable solar panel may cost around $250.

In case you are a frequent camper or need an extensive power supply, do not forget to buy a couple of accessories such as a power station. Baldr portable power station is one of the cost-effective solutions you can get your hands on.

·       The Must-Have Features

Apart from durability, weather resistance, and waterproofing, you must ensure that your portable solar panels have the following features.

  • Voltage Control – This will help you alter the voltage according to the device you need to charge
  • Overcharge protection – saves your devices’ batteries and other caravan equipment from overcharge
  • Over-current protection – Helps you protect your devices from burning out because of the over-current. Plus, it also prevents you from getting any electric shocks.
  • Short-circuit protection –This will enable you to protect your devices from short-circuits due to rain or other conditions.


Now that you know how portable solar panels can help become power sufficient on the move, you can confidently go out and invest in one. Simply buy one that fits both your needs as well as your budget.


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Advance 240 Power Station - Togopower

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Advance 330 Power Station - Togopower

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Advance 650 Power Station - Togopower

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Advance 650 Power Station - Togopower

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