Benefits of Using Togopower Portable Power Stations for CPAP Machines

Benefits of Using Togopower Portable Power Stations for CPAP Machines

A Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine is a medical device prescribed to people suffering from sleep apnea disorder. A CPAP machine requires a consistent power source to function every night. This is where a portable power supply is a great solution to assure that your machine is running continuously even when the direct outlet power goes out.

CPAP Machines and Need of Portable Power Station


People suffering from sleep apnea who live in remote areas also require portable power stations as a form of backup power to have an undisturbed night sleep.

Power Stations for CPAP Machines

In case you are packing a CPAP machine for travel, it is highly recommended to carry a portable power station. However, you must choose a power station that is reliable and protects your device against power surges.

All Togo Power portable power stations provide eco-friendly clean power supply to CPAP machines. These stations also reduce any audible and electrical noises that may otherwise disturb your sleep.

The best part is that power stations such as Baldr 500, and Togopower Advance 1000 are compact, sturdy, and easy to carry. Take your CPAP machine with all the power you need for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Are you looking for the best available power stations out there for a CPAP machine? In that case, you must look for a power supply with the maximum number of features and benefits.

7 Benefits of Using Togo Power Portable Power Stations for CPAP Machines

Being on the move should not hamper your sleep therapy and stop you from having a good peaceful night’s sleep. An adequate power station now ensures that your CPAP machine never runs out of power. That said, Togo Power has a range of power stations that can offer several other benefits for CPAP device users.

1.     Convenient Size

The BaldrPioneer 500 is a new portable power station that has a design for portability. It is lightweight, compact, and weighs only 8.3 pounds. Now, being out of power is not an issue at home or on the move. If you are a CPAP machine user, this 500W power station is a perfect power source for you to carry at all times.

2.     Rechargeable

The flexibility to recharge from various sources is a plus for any power station. For example, the Baldr 500 comes with built-in MPPT technology as well as optional 3 charging methods. You can now recharge your power station via AC outlet, DC car charging port, or connect them to a solar panel.

People tend to carry multiple devices these days. Therefore, you need a power station that not only runs your CPAP machine but also charges other devices and appliances as well. The Togo Power Advance series come with multiple device charging outlets.

For instance, Togo Power Advance 1500 has 3 AC outlets (120 V) that are suitable to operate CPAP machines and run most household appliances simultaneously. There are 2 PD Type-C (60W) charging modes that are suitable for charging your notebooks or laptops. Now you can enjoy a relaxing night's sleep while this behemoth power station keeps your CPAP device charged along with other devices.

3.     Noise-Free

A battery-power station must be quiet. This allows you to have a good night's sleep while your CPAP machine supplies a continuous stream of oxygen. The Pure Sine wave inverter on the Togo Power Advance series and Baldr series are both noise-free.

Just remember that the power station operates quietly when you plug in the CPAP machine to the DC outlet of the power station. Plugging it into an AC outlet will turn on the fan, and the power station will make some noise.

You may also need a DC power chord/DC converter to plug in the CPAP machine to the DC outlet. The DC power chord is for 12V units, and the DC converter is for 24V units.

4.     Safety

Apart from the environmental safety aspect of using a power station, both the Togo Power Advance series and Baldr come with added safety features. For instance, the Baldr series uses pure sine wave tech to protect CPAP machines from damage.

Power stations such as Togo Power Advance 1500 have BMS Systems that offer protection against over-current, over-voltage, and over-heating. Now you can sleep with peace of mind as this power station will provide stable, safe, and consistent power to your CPAP machine and prevent any nuisance.

Furthermore, these power stations also have built-in temperature control and other advanced safeguards to prevent your sensitive CPAP machines from any damage.

5.     Low Maintenance

Using a generator to power up your CPAP machine is not only expensive and a noisy option, but it also requires frequent servicing and maintenance. Using Togo Power power stations requires little to no repair or maintenance. Therefore, you have an assurance that the power station will not overheat, malfunction, or disrupt your usage of the CPAP machine ever.

6.     The Cost Factor

While other battery-powered power supplies are only for casual or light use, Togo Power Advance Series and Baldr Series are for heavy-duty usage. Do you need a battery to power your 40W CPAP machine on a trip or due to an occasional power outage? Then these power stations can power up your device as well as other appliances simultaneously all night long.

Additionally, these power stations offer good value for your money as they come with a reliable warranty. So you can go back to the seller in case the power station is not functioning as it should.

Continuous Monitoring

CPAP machines are sensitive and require optimal wattage to function uninterrupted. An LCD display on these power stations indicates the input and output watts. This way, you know the machine is getting adequate and safe Wattage range. The lower battery indicator will let you know when to charge it. This way, you know the machine is getting the appropriate amount of wattage.

The Bottom Line

If you are a CPAP machine user and looking for reliable portable power stations, Togo Power Advance Series and Baldr Series are two of the best options available in the marketplace. Visit our website for more details about the power stations.

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