Gas Generators for Power Outages

Gas Generators for Power Outages

How do you prepare for heavy storms, earthquakes, and other disasters? When these events happen, one of the worst things you can experience is a power outage. You might have candles or a gas stove, but when the power goes out, relying on candles and stoves just isn’t enough to keep your household safe. Everyone is reliant on appliances like refrigerators, furnaces, or even medical equipment. Given the unpredictable nature of a downed power grid, its best to prepare your home ahead of time with a gas generator.

If you live in an area that experiences severe weather and frequent power outages, you will need a backup generator. But when choosing one, what are the things to consider? Read the info below so you can decide for yourself which portable gas generator works best for you.

Things to Consider for a Gas Generator

Power Output

The most important thing you want to check for in a gas generator is how much power it can generate. This is because the power output typically determines the number of home appliances your generator can support.

For instance, a refrigerator normally requires about 2000 watts of power to start and about 200 watts to run without stopping. The more power a generator can supply, the more appliances it can support simultaneously.


Source of power

Out of the three most commonly used generator power sources which are gas, propane, and solar, gas-powered generators are the most efficient and therefore most common.

Run Time

Typically, a day or two is as long as a power outage can last, but it is more advisable to get a generator that will run for long periods. The run time of a generator determines how long it will use a single tank of gas or propane before burning out.

Ease of Use

Electric start generators are easier to operate because they turn on with a switch, unlike the more difficult recoil start generators. Also, it is essential to consider how easy it is to fill a generator's fuel tank, how portable it is for ease of movement, and also how easy it is to fill its oil tank.

In Conclusion

There are a lot of gas generators currently available, promising you at least three of the qualities mentioned above, but which is perfect for you? TogoPower is a power generation company that offers you gas generators with most of those features that serve your needs during any power outage, safely and reliably.

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