How to prepare for natural disasters

How to prepare for natural disasters

 The deterioration of the natural ecological environment has led to frequent earthquakes, fires, typhoons, rainstorms and other natural disasters. The destructive power brought by nature is unpredictable, leading to loss of money or even threats to life.

This article will help you create prevention guidelines for dealing with natural disasters so that you can still keep yourself safe when danger occurs.

 1、Define the risks

The first step in preparing for a disaster is to identify what the specific risks are that you are currently encountering. You can prepare well in advance based on your location's disaster frequency, If you are in an earthquake-prone area, you should learn more about earthquake preparedness so that you can still keep calm and plan how to stay safe when disaster strikes.

 2、Make a plan

A survival plan should be made as soon as the risks are identified. Having a good plan can avoid being trapped in panic in an emergency.

 First of all, you should be clear where your escape destination is, according to the actual disaster to decide whether to be in place to wait for rescue or go to the emergency shelter, so you should know in advance the address and route of nearby shelters, write down and inform your family, not only ensure safety but also can rendezvous with your family in time.

 Secondly, in the event of a natural disaster, the signal may be interrupted and you will not be able to get information from TV or the Internet, so you can purchase an emergency radio so that you can get news about the disaster even without the Internet.

 If you have pets, you will also need to research which hotels allow pets, and also prepare food and carriers for them for at least a week.

 Finally, you can also conduct escape drills with your family to familiarize yourself with the routes and procedures so that you can respond calmly when a disaster does strike.

 3、Prepare a life kit

Prepare some life-saving tools in advance can increase the chance of survival, at least to gain more time to wait for rescue.

  • life-saving food: prepare food that can provide emergency energy, such as sugar, compressed cookies, water, etc..
  • first aid kit: prepare some conventional drugs, special drugs should also be prepared in advance.
  • signal tools: fire, whistle, mirror, flashlight, etc. for sending SOS signals.
  • proof of identity: identity cards, passports and other documents that can prove personal information.
  • other: plastic bags that can be used for personal hygiene; batteries and chargers that can be used for equipment.

The above list is for your reference, specific items need to be added according to the specific needs of you and your family, but you need to ensure that your life-saving kit can be easily carried in an emergency .

 4.Check the safety of your house and vehicle

 You should ensure that your house has a reasonably safe route for escape preparation, any unstable places in your home should be reinforced in time, and if you have a car, make sure it has enough fuel and in good condition to help you retreat to a safe place.

 In the event of a natural disaster, the city's power supply system may be affected and you will be left without power. So, it is important to have a backup power source to meet your basic electricity needs.

 TogoPower solar power station can meet your electricity needs well. You can rely on solar energy to obtain power continuously when the utility power fails, it can provide stable AC/DC voltage output, which can meet the basic household electricity needs, your cell phone, computer, refrigerator, TV can get enough power supply. At the same time, it also has SOS emergency function, which can be your safe power supply for disaster.

 5、Pay close attention to media news

When a natural disaster has caused a major impact on society, outside information obtained through the news is the most reliable signal for action, and keeping in touch with the media is also an important way to get information about your family and friends. You can decide whether to stay at home or evacuate in an emergency based on official news, so it is very important to ensure that the equipment used to obtain information can always be kept in operation, and the need for emergency power comes to the fore.

 The power of nature is not to be underestimated, but as long as you are well prepared you can reduce the damage caused by disasters, remember to stay calm all the time, ensure your own safety, and try to keep your important electronic devices running.

Trust TogoPower to provide you with sufficient and safe energy, so that you can be in a relatively comfortable state in a bad environment!

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