Live streaming Christmas? You might need these!

Live streaming Christmas? You might need these!

As 2022 comes to an end, have you figured out how to spend the last holiday of the year - Christmas? Partying? Carnival or shopping? If the usual way of celebration is too common, in this era of prevalent Internet, may consider opening an outdoor live broadcast with friends? Use the camera to spread the holiday spirit to the entire country or even the world's viewers, and maybe even run into the same live "Santa Claus"?

 In this article, we'll recommend a few essential tools for those with 0 experience in outdoor live streaming, so let's celebrate this festive season together!


1、A portable solar power station

It should be noted that it is not easy to find an outlet in the outdoors, and stopping the live broadcast or looking for power in the middle of the broadcast will bring bad live results. Therefore, in order to say goodbye to the obstacles brought about by the lack of power, the importance of having a portable solar power station has emerged. So what is a solar power station? As the name implies - can be carried around, through the solar energy can generate electricity, and let your equipment to keep the power generation tool.
TogoPower solar power station handle handheld design can easily carry, it comes with multiple USB ports, you can charge your multiple devices at the same time, adding a power station will eliminate the burden of carrying a variety of adapters for different devices. You can choose the most suitable battery capacity according to your actual needs to ensure that the power station can have enough power to support the long-term operation of the device.

2、The digital camera

If you want to have a high-quality live effect, a digital camera is a good choice, it can capture high-definition video and photos, for the audience, the digital camera presents the live effect is also more perceptive. However, if you only plan to live broadcast once, in terms of cost effectiveness, it is enough to use a daily-use cell phone for live broadcast.
At the same time, TogoPower solar power station can also power the digital camera, so that he can also have power support after a long period of standby.

3、 Anti-shake head

Outdoor live broadcast is different from indoor live broadcast, walking time will become more. Whether it is a cell phone or a camera, in the case of movement, the lens will produce shaking. In order to attract more viewers into the live room, screen stability is a necessary condition. There are many anti-shake effect on the market gimbal products, must remember to choose the most suitable for their live equipment.

4、Lighting equipment

If you live at night or in a darker outdoor environment, having good light is essential for the presentation of live effects, you can purchase special live lights to create a stronger sense of atmosphere. togoPower solar power station can power a variety of lighting equipment, just make sure you buy the lamps and solar generator output power compatible. Alternatively
If you just need a simple lighting function, TogoPower solar power station emergency lights can also play the role of a flashlight, so you have a light to provide light outdoors.

5、Portable WiFi devices

There is a risk of outdoor live broadcast, if you enter the elevator, shopping malls or crowded places, there is a risk of network interruption failure, no network support, the live broadcast will be dropped, then you carefully planned everything will be greatly reduced. In addition, this type of equipment also needs electricity to power the device itself, that solar generator will be ideal for powering the device. Staying outside with a full signal is the only way to make everything plan more smoothly!


About the live need to use the equipment, the specific need to live according to the style and want to present the effect as a basis, this article is just to provide a way of thinking, I hope you can spend a different and meaningful holiday!
Merry Christmas to everyone!

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