Product Spotlight: The Advance 1550 Power Station

Product Spotlight: The Advance 1550 Power Station

This week, we are going to be talking about the Advance 1550 power station. We will talk about what it can power up, its pro’s and con’s, and what sort of lifestyle this power station is best suited for. Let’s dive in!

What is the Advance 1550?

This power station is the largest power station we have available. It comes with three AC outlets, a battery capacity of 1512Wh, and weighs a whopping 28 pounds! This heavy duty beast brings heavy duty power that is drop resistant and can function in temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit. This is by far the most impressive power station we have in terms of size to date.

What can the Advance 1550 power up?

This massive power station can power up to 1500W of power. How you choose to divide that power is up to you, but most of our customers like to use this power station for electric cookware on the road. To give you a little perspective here is the average wattage* of some popular camping appliances:

  • Portable refrigerator 80-120W
  • Single burner camping stove (electric) 1000W
  • Portable blender 500W
  • Small coffee maker 300W
  • Croc pots 250W
  • Rice cookers 700W

While all these items added together go well beyond the 1500W scope, its clear to see that you can easily mix and match this list according to your needs and lifestyle. You don’t have to limit yourself to just cooking appliances either.

Other customers of ours like to use this power station to give power to construction sites and home projects. While most power tools have an option to be battery powered, many people prefer corded tools because they don’t have to worry about recharging when they are done. Here are some common power tools and their power consumption*:

  • Circular saw 1200W
  • Power drill 720W
  • Electric chain saw 1200W
  • Jig saw 720W
  • Orbital sander 600W
  • Wet/dry vacuum 900W
  • Weed trimmer 500W

If you aren’t much of a fixer upper and you don’t travel very much, the Advance 1550 is very useful for around the house, especially if you are prone to the occasional power outage. This power station can sustain house hold appliances, fun tech, and other tools* like these:

  • Laptop computer 50W
  • Desktop computer 200W
  • TV 150W
  • Household fridge 300-800W
  • Household freezer 30-100W
  • Hair curler/straightener 200W
  • Baby monitor 15W
  • CPAP machine 30-60W
  • Heating blanket 100-150W
  • Massage chair 150W
  • Gaming console 90W
  • Electric guitar amp 350W


What Are the Pro’s and Con’s?

The first and biggest advantage to having the Advance 1550 is the shear power behind the unit. Having 1500W of power at your finger tips gives you lots of power to work with. If you have lots of power, you won’t have to pick and choose which items are “essential” to your day to day living. After going over the previous bullet points, it is clear that you can stack a lot of items and appliances into the battery’s power load and it can handle the job with great ease.

But, with great power comes great responsibility…

Or in our case, just a really big and heavy unit. Nearly 30 pounds, this unit isn’t exactly easy for grandma to pull out of the garage if the lights go out. While heaviness is a trade off you have to consider, keep in mind you won’t be moving this unit around the house all that much. Where ever you decided to put it is likely going to be its home for a while.


What Lifestyle is This Best Suited For?

This unit is best suited for anyone who has major power consumption needs. This unit can be used at construction sites or any job that requires power tools away from the grid. We had one of our customers refer to our power stations as “the world’s longest extension cord” because he was able to use his favorite power tools all over his property.

This unit would also be appropriate for homes that have frequent power outages. Many power outages in regions like rural San Diego county have automatic power outages in the summer to negate spontaneous wild fires. While these planned outages certainly preserve the region from damage, it leaves its residences without power often. Many of these homes do have large generators, but it would be advantages to have the Advance 1550 inside the home. The power station is essentially noise free and can be stored easily in a closet or garage when you are done using it.

Lastly, you can use this unit for extended camp trips, or outdoor day trips with a large party. This unit can easily sustain multiple cooking devices which will make your gathering a satisfying one. It also features a fold down handle making it easy to store in your car or RV, and it has a dual lantern mode you can use to add a fun ambience to your camp site at night.



To put it plainly, this behemoth of a power station will provide you a whopping 1500W whenever you need, provided you are ok with the heavy investment. If you are just a casual traveler with low power needs, this unit won’t be the right fit for you. But, if you enjoy big projects, long traveling distances, or experience frequent power struggles, then this unit is the one for you.


*These items listed give the average power consumption across many brands and styles. This does not include start up power consumption. Be sure to check your specific appliance or tool’s power consumption in your user’s manual before using a power station to use your device as it may be different than the wattage listed in this blog. Thank you.

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