Severe Weather Survival with a Power Station

Severe Weather Survival with a Power Station

The west coast has been bombarded by a bomb cyclone with a high concentration of storms and flooding in Northern California. All along the coast, the states have been experiencing unusually high levels of rain and snow. Concrete river beds are now ready to burst with water and many towns are experiencing power outages across the coast.

If you don’t already have a disaster kit, its important to have a power station as a part of your survival plan for dangerous weather. Having a power station will keep giving you the power you need to charge essential devices so your home doesn’t have to feel the sudden shock of a loss of power. If you aren’t sold on the idea of getting yourself a power station, keep reading and we will have you convinced

 Charge your cell phones so you can keep telling your family you are safe

The first thing people do when they see bad news on the TV is to call their loved ones. Its important to be able to charge your cellphone so your family members can know that you are ok, or to call for emergency services if any of your family members are hurt. Our power stations have several charging ports including a wireless charging pad on top of the power station. This is especially important if you had to evacuate your home and forgot your charger in the process.

To further explain what kind of ports our power stations have, all our power stations feature at least one AC, DC, USB, PD, and wireless charging port for you to use for your family. Depending on the size of the power station will depend on how many outlets are available. Simply browse through the product page to see the different kinds of options you have to choose from.

Charge your electric blankets to keep your family warm

When the power goes out, a lot of times the heating goes out too. Keeping your kids and your elderly family members warm is so important, and there is nothing like having a heating pad or an electric blanket to keep them safe and warm. Most of our power stations can power a heating pad/blanket all the way through the night, so you won’t ever have to worry about shivering in your sleeping bag.

Charge your food devices so you can keep eating

While our power stations may not be able to charge a full blown refrigerator, our power stations rated at 1500W can power items like electric skillets, small coffee makers and blenders, rice cookers, croc pots and more. Food is essential for survival and while eating bagged snacks and finger foods will do the job in the short-term, long-term problems require long terms solutions. You can easily cook up a big pot of rice, soup, stew, and other hardy dishes to keep you and your family nutritionally sound.

Keep the lights on with a dual lantern when your power goes out all together

If your power goes out, your whole house is in the dark. Multiple lamps in the house may not be able to be plugged in to just one power station. But you know what our power station has that no other company can boast? Built-in lanterns! Our power stations have a lamp that can give light to a dark room and can even act as an SOS signal with its flashing mode. It may not light up your whole house, but it will make your home have a fun campy feel while you wait out the storm.

Keep the kids entertained by plugging in gaming consoles

If your kiddos are experiencing fear or boredom while the power is out, a great distraction for them can be their favorite games. You can easily plug in devices like Nintendo DS, Nintendo Switch, Game Boys, X-Boxes and other consoles that your kids can find a happy distraction with. You can even get a dedicated lower wattage power station so you can save your higher wattage ones for more essential devices! to Giving the kids something to focus on while you deal with tough weather will bring a little bit more peace into your home and can keep fearful water waterworks from happening. Plus, if your kids have a game to focus on, that gives you more time to figure out how to handle any other problems in the house.

Keep essential medical devices running 24 hours a day.

This is one of the most urgent problems to solve when dealing with a power outage during a weather crisis. Our power stations can keep devices like CPAP machines and other breathing devices powered during a power outage. While many of these devices do already come with a back up power device, sometimes you just don’t know how long your power will be out for. If you are looking for the right power station for your CPAP machine, we recommend that you choose any unit that boasts a 500W storage capacity or higher, like the Advance 650.  Its always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your loved one’s medical needs.


Severe weather is no stranger to us. Humanity has always had to battle it out with nature, and just because we live comfortable in our modern world, doesn’t mean that it can’t go away in the blink of an eye. Keep your family’s safety in your control by using one of our power stations to fit your family’s needs this season. If you have any other questions about what our power stations can do, reach out to our customer service team and they will be happy to help you out!

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