The service life and maintenance of energy storage power supply

The service life and maintenance of energy storage power supply
In recent years, the popularity of Internet mobile terminal devices has been increasing, the pursuit of freedom and close to nature has become a trend of life, and the demand for outdoor electricity is increasing; at the same time, the frequent occurrence of natural disasters has led to the stability of the power supply system being affected, and the backup power supply has become an important item for family life. The large-scale development and utilization of new energy and the mature application of lithium-ion battery energy storage technology has led to the popularity of portable energy storage power supply.
In the purchase of energy storage power supply, "service life" has become the most important concern. Therefore, this article will analyze the service life of the power supply from the mechanism of the energy storage power supply to provide you with useful reference.
 For the owners of energy storage power supply, we will also prepare a maintenance strategy to increase the service life of energy storage power supply.

How the service life of the energy storage power supply?

The service life of an energy storage battery depends on the performance of the built-in battery, which is the number of cycles of charging and discharging before the battery capacity drops to a certain level. Currently lithium-ion batteries are the most commonly used battery material.
 As a kind of rechargeable battery, lithium-ion battery mainly relies on lithium ions moving between positive and negative electrodes to work, and can convert other forms of energy into electrical energy and save in advance in the form of chemical energy,  because of light weight, high capacity, long life, high charging efficiency, no pollution, etc. It is commonly used in the future energy system and will play a central role.
 Depending on the characteristics of lithium-ion batteries, the life of energy storage power is conservatively estimated to be about 500 to 2500 cycles, that is, assuming that the life of an energy storage power is 500 times, then when the power is discharged from 0% to 100% is about 500 times, the actual service life varies depending on the use environment. In the case of the TogoPower A1000, for example, the number of cycles that can be used as a life indicator is approximately "800". In other words, if you use the A1000 once a week, its service life will be about 15 years. (800 cycles ÷ 52 cycles per year = approximately 15 years)
Although the life of the energy storage power supply is limited, but reach the life is not completely unusable, but in reaching a certain number of cycles, the battery performance will decline, there is a reduction in storage capacity, charging time becomes longer and other problems.
Lithium-ion batteries also have some drawbacks, such as poor safety, if over-charged, over-discharged will have the potential for explosion.Therefore, when choosing an energy storage power supply, you can pay attention to whether it has a variety of protection functions, such as BMS (Battery Management System), which can intelligently manage and maintain each battery unit to prevent overcharging or over-discharging the battery, effectively monitor the state of the battery and extend the life of the battery. In addition, there are overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, overheating protection, low temperature protection, short circuit protection, etc.

The maintenance strategy of energy storage power supply

Although the service life of energy storage power supply is limited, but the actual depends on the use conditions and environment, so the following will introduce several methods to help you extend its life to a greater extent.

1、placed in a dry, cool, ventilated environment

Excessive temperature will shorten the life of electronic equipment, damage the battery, and even accelerate the aging of the device shell, prolonged exposure to a humid environment will also cause damage to the power supply, so if you need to store for a long time, you should try to avoid hot and humid, low-temperature environment, keep the device stored in the temperature of -20 ℃ -35 ℃, relative humidity 0 ~ 45% RH environment to reduce the risk of equipment loss.

2、Reduce the number of simultaneous charging and discharging

Under normal circumstances, energy storage power built-in lithium-ion batteries support simultaneous charging and discharging, but this will, to a certain extent, put a burden on the lithium-ion battery, resulting in accelerated battery degradation, so the use of utility power or solar panels for energy storage power charging, should try to reduce the number of power supply for other devices, in order to enhance the durability of energy storage power.

3、Keep the power at 30-50%

The amount of battery remaining in the storage power supply during idle is also very important, should try to avoid storage with a full charge or 0% state, if a long time in a state of lack of power, it is likely to lead to the inability to charge again, largely weakening the performance of the storage power supply, and even lead to the inability to recharge the situation, so usually maintain the power in 30-50%, and in each month to charge the battery can maintain battery health in A better state.

4、Increase the frequency of use

The battery is in a non-working state for a long time, the battery electrode is prone to passivation, so we need to increase the frequency of use of the power supply so that the electrons in the battery are in a state of flow, so that the maximum performance of the lithium-ion battery. If not used for a long time, please fully charged in time, and every three months be sure to carry out a deep charge and discharge, do a power calibration.

Portable power storage recommended

 TogoPower has been "technology innovation" as the core competitiveness, and constantly breakthrough innovation in the field of power supply, committed to providing the most innovative power solutions, to provide people with strong and safe power support.
 TogoPower A1000 is only 8.5kg, with a powerful battery capacity of 933Wh, easy to carry while fully meeting your life backup or outdoor off-grid power needs. Equipped with BMS (Battery Management System), over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, temperature control, etc., it protects your device while safeguarding your safety during use.
In addition he also supports solar charging, TogoPower solar panels using mono-crystalline silicon cells, up to 24% conversion rate, can a full conversion of solar energy into clean energy and stored in the power station, the power station fully charged can be charged 79 times to the phone.
 TogoPower portable energy storage power station is equipped with AC AC socket, DC cigarette lighter DC socket, PD high-power fast charging port, USB fast charging port, to meet 99% of the daily equipment power needs, whether it is outdoor travel or rescue and disaster relief, it can provide you with strong power support.


Although the built-in lithium-ion battery in the energy storage power supply has a limited service life, but depending on the method of use and storage environment, the service life may achieve a longer continuation, so reasonable protection of battery efficiency can help you a long time, more comfortable use. If you are considering the purchase of a long-lasting energy storage power supply, you can go to the official website of TogoPower for more information, and I believe it will be recognized by you.

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