What is solar panels

What is solar panels
Various physical and chemical energies such as electricity, light, heat, mechanical motion, fission of atomic nuclei and chemical decomposition of substances are essential for the survival and development of human society, but the reserves of conventional fossil energy are limited and non-renewable..
According to the U.S. Geological Service estimates, the world's ultimate recoverable oil reserves are 3 trillion barrels, and the peak of world oil production will occur in 2030; the world's total recoverable coal reserves are about 847.5 billion tons, which will last at most about 200 years at current consumption levels; the world's natural gas reserves are about 17.7 billion trillion cubic meters, and if annual extraction is maintained at 2.3 trillion cubic meters, natural gas will be depleted in 80 years.



The development and use of non-renewable energy sources has contributed to the world's economic development and has led to increasing environmental problems..


The increased concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and the enhanced greenhouse effect have led to global warming, and excessive emissions of SO2 have led to acid rain and ozone layer destruction, triggering environmental problems such as increased deserts and reduced biodiversity.



According to the results of the climate prediction report done by IPPC, 90% of CO2 emissions, a major component of greenhouse gases, are due to fossil energy consumption.



Therefore, finding alternative clean energy sources to solve the future energy crisis is the goal of our joint efforts. And as one of the safest and most abundant renewable energy sources available today, which can even be utilized in cloudy weather, solar energy has applications covering a wide range of scenarios in homes and industries. Solar technology converts sunlight into electricity through photovoltaic panels or concentrating mirrors
(Solar panels absorb photons and create an electric current as they do so. The energy generated by the photons hitting the surface of the solar panel causes electrons to be released from their atomic orbitals into the electric field generated by the solar cell, which then pulls these free electrons into a directed current. (The whole process is called the photovoltaic effect.)
According to the IEA survey report, the installed capacity of PV systems is expected to reach 190GW in 2022, accounting for 60% of the global renewable energy capacity added this year, an increase of 25% compared to last year.


The cost of manufacturing solar panels has fallen dramatically over the past decade, making them not only affordable, but often the cheapest form of electricity available. Solar panels have a lifespan of about 30 years, and depending on the type of material used in their manufacture, they can be divided into various types and adapted to different scenarios, such as electricity for home use, electricity for RVs, electricity for outdoor work, electricity for camping, etc., which are directly related to our lives.


Where can I buy solar panels?

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