What to do in case of power shortage

What to do in case of power shortage

Fox News said on July 15, 2022 that the western United States faces the risk of large-scale blackouts in summer. According to a recent report of the energy industry regulator, in most parts of the western half of the United States, due to rising temperatures and lower than expected energy production, power companies are preparing to face a higher risk of power outages during high usage.

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How should we deal with the possible power outage at any time? Next, we will guide you how to prepare for power outage to ensure that you can maintain a normal working life.

1、Pay attention to media news

At ordinary times, you should pay more attention to radio, television, newspapers and other media, get the news about the power outage in time, and help you understand the specific situation of the power outage in advance, such as the reason, scope, duration and so on, so that you can formulate Countermeasures in time, and try to avoid panic due to the sudden power outage. Get into the habit of putting a flashlight beside the bed or on the table in the living room, so that if there is a sudden power outage, you can also immediately find a temporary light source.

2、Prepare food and water

When a power outage occurs, you have to make sure that you have enough food to maintain the basic needs of you and your family. Therefore, you'd better store some non perishable food in the basement or in the cool corner of your home, such as some canned food containing protein and calories, which has a long shelf life and can meet basic nutritional needs. In addition, we must reserve enough water to ensure that each person can consume 1 gallon of water every day. Water for daily hygiene, cooking, cleaning and pets should also be prepared in advance.

3、Pay attention to electrical safety during power outage

    During the power outage, try to unplug and turn off the appliances (except refrigerators) that are in the open state, so as to prevent equipment damage caused by the peak power at the moment of power recovery, but you can turn on a light as the basis for judging whether there is a call. Try not to open the refrigerator. If the full refrigerator is kept closed, the food temperature can be maintained for 48 hours before thawing. Wrap a blanket or newspaper around the bottom of the refrigerator to prevent hot air from penetrating the refrigerator.

    4、Purchase portable power station

    If you have a sufficient budget, I suggest you buy a portable solar power station, which is a portable emergency energy storage device that can rely on solar energy for power generation. It can supply power to most of your household equipment and ensure that you can maintain your basic power demand during power outage.

    Togopower portable power station can meet your outdoor and home needs. With the blessing of solar panels, you can even run your home power system off the grid indefinitely. It has wattage capacity in different gears, which can match different demand scenarios.

     ADVANCE 1000 can be used as a backup power supply to supply power to refrigerators, lights, mobile phones, computers, fans and other equipment during power outage, reduce property losses caused by deterioration of refrigerator food, provide kinetic energy for your cooling equipment in hot summer, and ensure that your communication equipment has the power to obtain external information at all times.

    Togopower ADVANCE 1000 has a TPM constant power management system, which can supply power to electrical appliances that are 1-3 times greater than the rated power of the energy storage power supply, and there will be no power outage due to overload protection; At the same time, it also has Eco battery energy-saving management system, automatic sleep shutdown technology and eco controllable key double insurance, which can accurately control the amount of electricity per watt, and will not cause expensive electricity bills due to current continuous power consumption.


    No matter whether there are frequent power outages in your area, you have to prepare for unknown emergencies in advance. A portable power station can help you solve most of your power problems and allow you enough reaction time to prepare for sudden power outages. Purchasing Togopower portable power station can keep you comfortable during power outage, and can also use solar energy to save you a sum of electricity bills. It is a reasonable investment. If you are interested, you can go to the official website for details.

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