Portable Power Stations

Empower your life, empower your world.

Start to Know Your Power Station

Togopower power station is a new power supply solution by using lithium battery technology. Equipped with AC outlets, DC ports, and USB charging ports. Togopower power station makes using green energy outdoor possible and also provides a new choice for indoor emergency power backup.

Lituium Battery




Green Energy

No Pollution




Backup Power

Health Care


More Function

EPS In Action

Emergency power supply is a backup power system designed toprovide electricity during power outages or emergencieslnitiating within 10 milliseconds of a power failure.
With it, you won't have to worry about the losses caused by power outages.

Parallel System, Breaking the Limits of Electricity Usage

You will never again encounter the frustration of not being able to use electrical appliances due to insufficient power supply.

※ 2 Master2200 in parallel can power up to 95% of the household appliances.


Improve Charging Efficiency to Reduce Waiting Time

The high-efficiency fast charging technology can ensure that your power source can be quickly charged to full capacity in a short amount of time.

Power Supply Can Also Light up the Night

  • Lights up at the push of a button
  • 90° angle adjustable
  • Fast charger PD 3.0 60 W

Safety Design

Built-in Battery Management System(BMS)makes the power station have more safety protection. The rational use of BMS and scientific program design make the power station have 7 PROTECTIONS.

7 Safety Protections

Over Current Protection

Voltage Control Over Voltage Under Voltage

Overload Protection

Overcharging Protection

Temperature Control Low/High

Short Circuit Protection

Low Battery Alarm

Power up anytime, anywhere

Traveling off the beaten path doesn't have to be complicated. The portable power station offers convenient and portable power options for your next trip. Worry less about dead batteries while enjoying a few comforts of home with our portable power stations.